Why Plastic Surgery Italy ?

Plastic Surgery Italy is a medical group whose objective is to combine the requirements of one or more plastic surgery operations with a luxurious and relaxing holiday in the very homeland of this branch of surgery.
It was in precisely this area of the Mediterranean that reconstructive plastic surgery was first introduced by the Arabs when they conquered Spain and Sicily in the Ninth Century. The techniques were then developed in Italy by the Branca family, who came from Sicily, and by the Vianeo family in Calabria, and were then further improved by the Fioravanti, Tagliacozzi.
In fact we can say that Italy is certainly the nation that has made the greatest contribution to the development of this area of medicine.
We must also not forget that the first techniques for liposuction were also invented by the Italian, Arpad Fisher.

So, what better occasion to enjoy a magnificent, luxurious holiday in one of the most beautiful parts of Italy and to return home a new person…?

Clinica Ruesch

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